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Getting Chores Done Quickly in College

August 13, 2014 By: Chad Category: Campus Life

Time can be of the essence when trying to complete college-level work assignments in addition to maintaining your home or apartment. It may require a bit of a balancing act, including keeping track of time lost doing chores that might be more easily maintained with some clever strategies and tactics. Students may want to consider the following suggestions to keep their dorm rooms or house clean, which can give them better focus and more time for the true purpose of their living situation: a college education.

Effortless Floors
One of the challenges facing those moving into affordable student housing could be the condition of the floors. Some dwellings may feature hardwood or linoleum floors which may make cleaning easier, but that might be less appealing to those moving in. Depending on the terms of your lease or rental, it might be feasible to consider some cover-ups for inferior or poor-looking flooring. According to Best Carpet Value, a viable option for this are adhesive carpet tiles, which are incredibly easy and inexpensive to use. Each tile measures around one square foot, so it is also easy to figure out an estimate of costs for the layman.

Using scatter and area rugs are another way to augment the existing flooring of the space, curbing wear and tear and keeping floors cleaner longer. Consider buying cotton rugs that are easy to throw into the washing machine to launder and that will maintain their shape and looks over time.

Spotless Bathrooms
Bathrooms can become gross and unsightly if ignored. Keep up on these areas by taking some help wherever you can. Disposable toilet cleaning kits are a great deal to invest in, particularly when there is a high-value coupon found online or in your local newspaper. Instead of spending money on expensive liquid refills for this unit, fill the original cleaner bottle with a mixture of bleach and water to save money.

Mirrors become streaky in a humid bathroom when you wipe away the steam to see your reflection. Instead of wiping and streaking your mirror every time you take a hot shower, dab some shaving cream on the glass. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe it away, and notice how the mirror doesn’t fog up during showers anymore. Reapply this as needed, every few days.

Basic Tidying Tips
Some especially busy students may find practicality in hiring help a few hours each week, or even for major cleanings once per month. Consider other students looking to make a few bucks that might be willing to come in and clean floors, appliances, and bathrooms thoroughly. Since most students are not on this type of financial budget, keep other basic tips in mind. Create a schedule and stick to it! This includes penciling in a time to complete basic household chores regularly. This will also cut down on the time required to maintain your dwelling.

Destress with some housework on the weekends. Play some music, move your body, and get the place clean in no time. Physical activity can be a powerful tool to relax the mind and even to fight depression. Consider taking intermittent breaks from homework and studies to sweep, mop, do dishes, iron clothing – anything that needs doing around the home!

Keeping your surroundings clean and tidy can allow you to focus better and concentrate more on homework, assignments, and college material. Eliminating the mess and visual clutter that can distract you when trying to study can have positive impacts. These tactics will also ensure that the place you live is in good condition in the event of unexpected company or unanticipated visits from family members.