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Don’t Become a Slave to Your Student Loans

June 27, 2008 By: Category: Aid for College, Loans 1 Comment →

Many people dream of graduating from college and moving into that picturesque American lifestyle: An interesting job. A marriage. A house. A speedy car. Kids, a dog and trips to the coast on holidays. And then it hits, the student loan payments show up in a burning red bill every month. Student loans can be dangerous and cause the suspension of that picturesque life for many, many years. Be smart about student loans.



Eyes Wide Open-The Student Loan Squeeze Part 1 of 3

April 28, 2008 By: Category: Loans, Student loans, The financial insider 3 Comments →

FACT – In 2004, nearly two-thirds (62.4%) of graduates from public universities had student loans. (Source)  Given this level of borrowing, there is no doubt that the current mortgage and student loan crisis has the immediate attention of parents and students.   The student loan squeeze is a  three part series that will answer  a  few of the most  important  questions on the  minds of  students and  parents  around the country.


Bad News For Students Looking For Loans

April 21, 2008 By: Category: Aid for College, Loans, Top Stories 2 Comments →

According to articles on Michigan Newslog and Young Money, major sources of funding for student loans are backing out of the business, particularly banks like the TCF Financial Corporation, HSBC Bank USA and the M&T Bank Corporation. With three of the fifty largest lenders out of the game, $560 million dollars worth in student loans is now unaccessible to the students who need them. While the need for an education becomes more and more important, tuition rates are soaring to new heights.


Ethics and Student Loans

January 25, 2008 By: Category: Loans, Student loans, The financial insider No Comments →

The student loan industry has been viewed with much skepticism over the past few years due to the fact that the percentage of loans over grants and scholarships has increased drastically. This is bad news by itself because many students will not graduate and find a job that enables them to pay off the loans, leaving them to either default or reduce their standard of living. Some schools default rates are so high that federal loans are being removed from the financial aid package entirely.

Until today I thought that default rates and ability to pay the loans back were the only issues. (more…)

Pitfalls of Financial Aid-How to Steer Clear of Scams

January 25, 2008 By: Category: Loans No Comments →

Forbes recently estimated the financial aid industry to be a $129 billion business. When there’s that much at stake, you can count on some high-pressure schemes designed to skim some of that for themselves, at your expense.

Here are some guidelines to keep from getting burned on college financial aid. You can beat the scam artists by following a few simple principles. (more…)