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Benefits of Afterschool Childcare Programs

June 09, 2015 By: Chad Category: General Education No Comments →

after school

Once upon a time, children would come home from school and their parents would be there to help them with their homework. However, that doesn’t hold true in today’s world. Nevertheless,   families and children can turn to after school programs instead.  There are many benefits for both children and families that participate in after school programs, ranging from improvements in educational performance to improved health and public safety.  In fact, for many children these after school programs can be life-changing, giving them a safe place to go after regular school hours and preventing their participation in destructive behaviors. Overall, having after school programs is a financially sound way of creating stronger individuals, families, and communities.  Here’s a closer look at the benefits school aged children can take advantage of by participating in after school programs.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education Programs

November 10, 2014 By: Chad Category: General Education No Comments →

childhood education

Some people would argue that education really starts in kindergarten or first grade, with everything that comes before being no different than daycare. While nobody is disputing the importance of kindergarten and grade school, many studies show that early childhood education - education that begins before kindergarten when children are as young as three years old - is far more beneficial than many people realize. The largest study of this kind examined children and adults up to 28 years old and found that those who were enrolled in pre-kindergarten were more likely to attain a higher level of education, income, and socioeconomic status. (more…)

School and Mental Health

May 22, 2014 By: Chad Category: General Education No Comments →

mental health
Student are at risk for mental health issues due to pressure, long nights and improper sleep. Many students find it difficult to attend class, and others struggle to graduate due to mental health problems. Four of out 10 college students currently suffers from depression. How can parents help their children to cope with mental health problems, and still maintain good grades? It is important for parents to consider their child’s mental health and what they can do to help them manage the transition to college. (more…)

The Effectiveness of Student-Centric Teaching

April 24, 2014 By: Chad Category: General Education No Comments →


Traditional teacher-centered instruction places emphasis on the teacher’s role, adhering to a strict format in which the teacher chooses course material, lectures and assignments with no input from the students. Student-centered learning focuses on the student instead of a lecturing teacher. Rather than taking a passive role in their education, students step up and actively participate. There are a number of reasons why student-centric teaching is more effective than traditional teaching methods. (more…)