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Anonymous Student Wins myUsearch Scholarship

August 23, 2009 By: Category: Top Stories 4 Comments →

myUsearch has just announced the winner of its scholarship for international and undocumented students: Student X. Student X, who must stay anonymous to protect herself and her family, was brought to the US by her parents when she was only five months old. After several attempts to become legal US citizens, her family decided that if they wanted to provide a better life for their children, they would have no choice but to stay in the country illegally. So, like the thousands of other undocumented students in this country, Student X grew up as a normal US student and came to know the United States as her home……until she graduated from high school and realized she was not eligible for in-state tuition or financial aid.



Obama and Community Colleges: How Does It Help You?

August 13, 2009 By: Category: Top Stories No Comments →

Today we have a guest post from Kelsey Murray:

Kelsey Murray is a junior at the University of Oklahoma studying advertising. She also writes about news, trends and advice for college students at, an educational resource helping students at all stages of the education process find student loans, scholarships, testing advice and more.

As a college student, I rarely pay attention to the news and politics. There’s nothing I can do about the drought in Eastern Africa and politics don’t typically interest me because they don’t apply to me. But now, with President Obama in office, things are starting to get a bit more interesting and applicable to me.


Photo by Jurvetson 


Moving Back Home After Graduation

August 06, 2009 By: Category: Top Stories 1 Comment →

College seniors have 3 things on their minds: Finding a job, getting some money, and building a future. There’s a catch though. If you don’t find the job, you won’t have the money to build your future. Momma’s Boy, Daddy’s Little Girl. Nicknames that show you rely on your parents in one way or another were not always cool… until now. Moving back home after graduation has been the latest trend for clear economical reasons and you’re not seen as a total dork either!


 College graduation picture by Miss Karen 


Meet Our Scholarship Winner, Chelsea Lorimor!

June 12, 2009 By: Category: Top Stories 1 Comment →

Chelsea Lorimor recently won our scholarship contest, Why the SAT/ACT Doesn’t Measure Me. She is going to be a freshman at Mesa State in Colorado. She hopes to become a teacher and move back to her hometown Palisade, Colorado.


Undocumented Students: Is Education and Employment just a DREAM?

June 10, 2009 By: Category: Top Stories 3 Comments →


The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (a.k.a. DREAM Act) is a piece of proposed federal legislation that, if passed, would provide certain undocumented immigrant students who graduate from U.S. high schools the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency. In order to be eligible, the students would:


 Dream Act photo by dreamactivist