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Forensic Technician

March 12, 2012 By: ElizabethK Category: Types of degrees

College Major Spotlight: Forensic Technician
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

What is a forensic technician?
A forensic technician investigates crimes by collecting and analyzing evidence. Scientists often pursue a forensic science major to specialize in specific areas such as DNA, firearm, fiber, glass, hair, tissue and/or body fluid analysis.

What does a forensic technician do?
A career as a forensic technician involves the analysis of criminal evidence including DNA analysis, firearm examination, or the testing of weapons or substances such as fiber, glass, hair, tissue, and body fluids. A forensic technician may also provide information to the legal authorities in the form of expert opinions, reports, or expert witness testimonies.

Outlook for forensic technician jobs:
Because of the increased use of forensic studies to solve and prevent crime, jobs for forensic technicians are expected to increase much faster than the average. Strong forensic science job growth is expected for forensic technicians who work for state and county crime labs.

Types of forensic technician jobs:
Forensic technicians work primarily for state and local governments. Careers in forensics also include jobs as a medical examiner, crime scene examiner, or a forensic engineer.

What type of degrees should you consider to become a forensic technician?
This field generally requires a forensic science bachelor’s degree. There are several forensic science universities to choose from. Approximately 30 colleges offer a forensic science major / forensic science bachelor’s degree and there are several online forensic science degree programs.

Average salary for a forensic technician:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics forensic science online resource, forensic technician earned an average hourly salary of $25.46 and a yearly salary of $52,960.

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