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myUsearch’s College Tips of 2009

January 07, 2010 By: Category: Best College Tips

As we all get back to our normal post-holiday lives, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on all of the college tips the team gave to readers in 2009. Here are my top picks for last year’s best college tips:


Photo by Sally M

  1. College Tip #1: Laurelin Kruse’s shares her insight on choosing a college major.
  2. College Tip #2: Gil Rogers shares his thoughts on focusing on “fit” over “rank” with US College Rankings.
  3. College Tip #3: In this fabulous post about fighting the Freshman 15, college sophmores from Yale share their best tips.
  4. College Tip #4: College freshman Jillianne Hamilton shares 12 tips for finding and applying for scholarships.
  5. College Tip #5: Need help paying for college? Brady Norvall wrote a great article about how to find aid for college.
  6. College Tip #6: Taylor Garrett helped us understand how to find our voice, in his guide to college application essays.
  7. College Tip #7: If you are considering an online degree, Lynn Mattoon wrote a great post about distance online learning.
  8. College Tip #8: And….a great summary of the most important college tips, Julie Manhan shares her best college application advice.

Do you have any other college tips to share? Any articles you’d like to see in 2010? Leave a comment and let us know. Happy New Year!