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Parents: What Do Your Kids Need to Know Before College?

February 13, 2009 By: Category: Best College Tips

Your son or daughter is a senior. They’ve sent in their college applications- maybe they’ve even been accepted to their dream university. So, what next? Before you and your child start shopping for their new dorm bedding, there are a few things they should know before venturing into Big Bad College Land. Here are a few lessons they might find helpful.

Photo by Alicia Nijdam.

All of these might not pertain to your child but some of these are handy things to know before heading out on your own. (Trust me. I know.) Before college, a young adult should know how to…


  1. Pack for college.
  2. Cook several different meals in a college kitchen.
  3. Buy cheap college textbooks.


  1. Balance a checkbook.
  2. Use a credit card (responsibly).
  3. Manage a bank account.
  4. Save money on gas (if your child is taking a vehicle with them to college).
  5. Find weekend employment while at college.
  6. Get a college scholarship.
  7. Apply for a scholarship.
  8. Get financial aid in the USA.


  1. Ace college writing.
  2. Develop good study habits for college.
  3. Maintain a high GPA.
  4. Get an ‘A’.
  5. Survive college/university finals.


  1. Furnish your first college dorm or apartment on a budget.
  2. Be a good roommate.
  3. Live with someone who is your complete opposite.
  4. Survive a messy roommate.
  5. Make friends in college.
  6. Avoid self destructive behavior in college.
  7. Do laundry in a dorm.
  8. Hide your drinking from your parents when you’re in college. (I kid, I kid!)


  1. Manage your time.
  2. Change a car tire (if you have a car).
  3. Check your oil (again, only if you have a car.)