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Four Ways to Earn Credit Before You Enroll in College

April 15, 2010 By: Category: College Tips No Comments →

Today we have a guest post from Barry Lenson, a contributing editor at StraighterLine. He writes extensively on education and success in blogs, books, newsletters and other publications.

Many students are now taking courses before they arrive on campus. Cal State schools will soon be requiring some new students to take remedial courses in English and math before they arrive on campus. Some students are taking required college courses twice – once ahead of time, and then again on campus - so they can get better grades the second time around. Others are reducing overall college expenses by taking required courses at low-cost community colleges. But whatever motivations are at work, more students are seeking ways to earn college credits before they show up for freshman year. If you’re thinking about it too, here are some effective ways to get those credits earned ahead of time.


Gain College Credits Through Your Life Experience!

January 19, 2010 By: Category: College Tips No Comments →

People who start college later in life or return to complete what they’ve left unfinished usually have something quite valuable – life and business experience. Shouldn’t they get credit for the knowledge they’ve acquired along the way? Some colleges will give you just that. Whether you have military experience, have owned a small business or have held jobs in healthcare, sales, IT, or any other field, you may be eligible for college credits based on the learning and experience you have acquired outside the college campus.


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College Tips for Turkey Day

November 26, 2009 By: Category: College Tips No Comments →

I can’t believe how fast time flies! It’s already November of my senior year at the University of Rhode Island and the fall semester will soon be coming to a close. It seems like just yesterday, I was a wide-eyed freshman walking around a campus completely unknown to me, looking to meet new people and try exciting things. It’s hard to think that three years has gone by in a flash and come May, I’ll be wearing a cap and gown.  Even though I’m not a freshman anymore, I still make plenty of mistakes! Here are my best college tips for making your experience both easy and enjoyable!


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College Tips for 5th Graders

November 18, 2009 By: Category: Alumni advice 2 Comments →

A friend of mine is a 5th Grade teacher in Aurora, Colorado and she asked me to write a letter to her class:

“My students are very curious about college, yet still are unaware of the realities of adulthood (some think “playing football” is going to be their declared major). Most of them don’t think college is even an option for them, because no one in their family has ever considered it. To that end,  I’m seeking out positive adults in my life in hopes that you would be able to share a bit about your childhood, your experience attending college, and your current profession. Our student population is very diverse, and many of my students are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants.  Most come from economically disadvantaged families and have few luxuries in their lives. They are kids who have a lot of potential, but many have minimal awareness about the world at large. Because their families have usually not had the opportunity to attend college, they know very little about opportunities available to them.”

This got me thinking. What advice would I give 5th graders about life and college? And yes, I know you’re not a 5th grader, but you might just learn something from my advice.


10 Tips to Good Grades

August 19, 2009 By: Category: Alumni advice, Best College Tips 4 Comments →

Some things, like going to class, seem obvious. But there is a huge temptation to skip class in college. There’s a lot of other things to do that you might find more interesting than, say, “density functional theory.” Unlike high school, many college classes don’t take attendance. And if you’re living away from home, your parents aren’t there to make sure you get to class.

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