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Holiday Gifts for College-Bound Seniors

December 08, 2008 By: Category: Campus Life

As seniors finish up regular decision college applications this month, they’re likely to be frazzled, irritable, and very, very needy. Fortunately for them, the holidays are right around the corner: a perfect opportunity to beg for this and that at the mercy of their loved ones’ pity. Unfortunately for their friends and family, the holidays are right around the corner: a perfect…well, you know. Here are a few gift ideas for the disgruntled college-bound student you love:

photo by spadger

  1. Student Advantage Card - For an annual fee of $20, the Student Advantage Card gets students discounts at dozens of stores, from Linens & Things to Urban Outfitters, eMusic to T-Mobile, movie tickets, train tickets, and more.
  2. A Digital Camera - To capture all those senior year memories, of course. A digital camera is great or check out trendy (film-based) Lomography cameras that give photos a quirky effect. The classic Diana gives shots that nostalgic look, the Colorsplash for some out-of-this-world color effects.
  3. Digital photo frame- So that the dozens and dozens of the memories from that camera can go from home to the dorm room desk without taking up too much space
  4. Noise cancelling headphones- Where is a student without her music? And in a few months, where is a student’s music when her roommate is snoring like a motorboat?
  5. Classy, mature watch - For some reason, it’s all about that fancy-schmancy timepiece that makes an 18-year-old boy feel like a mature young man. And, it’ll make sure he gets to class on time.
  6. Cruel and unusual alarm clocks -  If you hit snooze on Clocky, it actually runs away from you. The puzzle alarm clock shoots four jigsaw pieces in the air and won’t stop ringing until you put them in order.
  7. Magazine subscriptions - As a college freshman, I guiltily find myself so wrapped up in homework that I have little idea what’s going on in the world. Getting a magazine in the mail keeps me updated, plus it gives me that nice feeling when there’s something in my box.
  8. Cookware - Recipes I can find online, but you’d be surprised how long it took to find a mixing bowl at the stores near campus. I don’t have a kitchenette in my room, but cooking in our hall’s common kitchen has made for some fun memories. And obviously brownies buy friends.
  9. USB flash drive- Okay, pretty nerdy for a present, but these things are an indispensable way to back-up and transport presentations, papers, pictures, everything.
  10. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook:
    College - With the same witty, outlandish, and yet practical advice of the other books in this series, the College volume doles out advice on both choosing a school (“How to Avoid Going to the Wrong College”) and college life itself (“How to Escape a Stadium Riot”).
  11. Nintendo Wii -  Well, it was worth a shot.

Seniors, what else are you asking for this year?