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My Favorite College Blog Sites

December 03, 2010 By: Julie Manhan Category: Best College Tips

Many college bound students and their parents are now using college blog sites to gather information.  These blogs are written from a variety of perspectives.  From blogs to help parents figure out financial aid to those specifically geared toward hopeful college athletes, there’s a college blog site for almost everyone.  Though most college blog sites offer good, solid advice for students and their parents,  not all college blog sites are created equal. 

Before you take the information you read on a college blog site to heart, make sure the person writing knows a great deal about the topic they are writing about. And because things are constantly changing in college admissions, make sure the blog post is recent.

Not sure where to start?  Here are my five favorite college blog sites: 

  1. myUsearch - Of course I’m a little biased since I write for this blog, but this college blog site is rated as the #1 college advice blog for a reason.  The blog is constantly updated and the people writing them are people who are active in their field.  The blog posts are easy to understand and often contain links to other pages where you can find more information on the subject.
  2. MyCollege Calendar - This site is arranged according to your year in high school.  This makes it easier to find information that applies to you.  The information on this college blog site is constantly being updated and revised to make using the site is as user-friendly as possible.
  3. Dean Flagel’s Blog -  This college blog which is found on the My College Options website, is written by the current Dean of Admissions at George Mason University.  It provides candid and enlightening insights from the perspective of a college admissions officer.
  4. Allen’s College Admissions Blog - This college blog site can be a good place to start if you are looking for specific information or explanations.  (i.e. “What is a weighted GPA?”)  This blog is concise and easy to understand.
  5. The Choice - This college blog site is part of The New York Times.  As such, you can usually count on it to have good information about many aspects of the college application process.  With several blog posts a week, it also provides timely, thoughtful consideration of trends and topics on college campuses.

As I have said, those are just a few of the many college blog sites out there.  If you are looking for something specific or would just like more choices, I highly recommend that you check out the Top 100 College Advice BlogsThis article will provide you with descriptions of the college blog sites listed there.  While you’re bound to find something that meets your needs, always remember that no blog - no matter how good - can take the place of the personalized advice you can get from your own high school counselor or an independent counselor.

Do you have any favorite college blog sites? Leave a comment and let us know.