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Behind the College Admissions Process

September 10, 2015 By: Chad Category: Admissions insider, Get into College

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The process of applying for college is long and complicated. Some smaller community and technical colleges may have less stringent requirements, but four-year colleges and graduate school programs require a lot of work. Applying for multiple college programs can feel like entering a full-time job, especially since just about every college has its own admission requirements.

As complicated as the college admissions and application process can be, there are some things that you can do to make its entirety a little bit easier. No matter where you plan to attend college, here’s some of the things you should do during the application process.

Do Plenty of Research

Before you apply to any school, you should take the time to do plenty of research. If you plan to enroll in college right after high school, spending almost your entire senior year and part of your junior year looking into any schools that interest you is the best course of action. Keep in mind that while some schools are definitely better than others, not every outstanding four-year college will offer programs that interest you. You don’t really need to decide what you want to do after college now, but you should have an idea of where your interests lie. Narrow your choice of colleges down to those that cater to your wellbeing before you begin your research in earnest.

Set Up Interviews with Admissions Representatives

Some schools such as Daymar College require you to set up an interview with an admissions representative as part of the application process. This interview will give you a better idea of what to expect from a particular college, and even if it isn’t a requirement it is always a good idea to speak to someone in person about your application. An admissions representative will always be able to tell you more than what you can find out for yourself.

Fill Out the Application

Once you have an idea of the possible schools you wish to attend, it’s time to fill out the application itself. Applications vary from one school to the next, but most will cover some basic information such as your age, address, your high school diploma and your GPA. In reality, this is little more than basic paperwork compared to some of the more stringent admission requirements, but it is a necessary step in the application process.

Write Your Admission Essay

Many undergraduate and graduate programs will require you to write an admission essay. Some schools will provide you with prompts and give you a topic, but others could allow you to choose your own subject. No matter what you do, make sure you proofread your essay and do not submit it until you are satisfied with its contents.

Gather All Supplemental Materials

Supplemental materials may or may not be a requirement of the college of your choice, but having them will almost always work in your favor. Supplemental materials may include additional essays, a portfolio of your work, letters of recommendation or any awards you may have earned.

Above all else, being accepted to a college is about persistence and a little bit of luck. As long as you begin your search early (preferably before you graduate from high school) and you’re really determined, you should be able to find a college that will accept you once you meet their requirements.